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The seven steps to creating an award winning podcast

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Ronsley is the Chief Food Sharer at Bond Appetit, a company that unites people over food. He is the host of Australia’s#1 food podcast on iTunes and the author of the upcoming book “Bond Appetit – Uniting high performing individuals over food.” Ronsley’s mission is to chip away at the unhealthy ideas we all have about food. And, in June 2014 he started a podcast called “Bond Appetit” that focuses on helping people fix their relationship with food.

Bond Appetit


#1 on iTunes in Food, Fitness and Nutrition, and Health.


No.1 in the banner section on iTunes.

Bond Appetit gets listened to on average over 5,000 times a day and is on the top of iTunes in the banner section. Ronsley has had guests on his show like Pat Flynn, Vinnie Tortorich, Glen Carlson, Matthew Michalewicz, Andrew GriffithsNick Malgieri, and so many more.

Ronsley has also created a program called Broadcast Your Message that teaches busy entrepreneurs how to create their own podcasting platforms to spread their ideas and messages. He is currently involved in helping 12 entrepreneurs launch their podcasts ranging from businesses in physiotherapy to digital marketing.

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Dallas McMillan


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David Dugan


Elite500 Mastermind

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Petra Jones


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The Seven Steps

Step 1 : Make your concept clear

  • How to determine the type of show you are going to produce
  • What should the ideal duration and frequency of your show be
  • The steps you should take to determine your target audience
  • What should the feel of your show be
  • What kinds of promises are you are offering your listeners
  • How to determine your target audience’s biggest problems

Step 2 : Establish your brand

  • The intricacies of your logo design and artwork
  • What kinds of pictures are needed
  • How you should optimise your website design & theme for podcasting
  • What kinds of social media accounts should you setup and why
  • What are the ideal scripts for your intro and outro
  • How to finalise your intros and outros and where to get them done
  • How to finalise the format for your show

Step 3 : Setup your systems

  • What hardware gear should you buy and what are your options
  • What software recording tools should you buy and what are your options
  • What website plugins do you need & what plugins will make your life easy
  • How to create and operate your libsyn account
  • What other software tools and utilities do you need for simplicity

Step 4 : Structure your recordings

  • Setup 3 test interviews with relevant people
  • Reformat the format if required
  • How to create a list of your first shows for 3-4 weeks in advance
  • How to create a list of 25 go-to questions
  • How to book one month of guests in advance and be ahead of the game
  • Which other hosts should you research and what should you pay attention to
  • How to recording the right way
  • The best ways to record & store at least 2-3 weeks of episodes for publication

Step 5 : Arrange your recordings

  • How to create recording templates within software tools
  • How-to edit your shows including cleaning up backround noise
  • How to add intro and outro
  • How to export and create your mp3 file
  • How to tag the mp3 file for optimum search results
  • How to upload the mp3 file to your hosting platform
  • How to optimise your websites permalinks
  • How to create posts with images and templates
  • How to create show notes and what to include in them
  • How to schedule and publish
  • How to create pretty links
  • How to send your podcasts to iTunes
  • Things to take care of for you to get onto new and noteworthy
  • How to submit your podcasts to other stations

Step 6 : Get on your soapbox

  • How to create your podcast social media plan
  • How to use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+ effectively
  • How to create and leverage “Your email is Live” template for optimum results
  • How to get the most out of reviews and ratings
  • How to create your strategy to publicise your older shows
  • How think of all your guests as allies

Step 7 : Engage your Audience

  • What you should do to increase audience participation
  • What you should do to become more popular in your field
  • What are the steps involved to optimise your podcasting process
  • How you should leverage your reviews and ratings for maximum effect
  • How to create an advert for your own show

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